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I just bought this book. Here’s some reviews…
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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Beginners Guide to Wilderness Survival, December 20, 2000

Jonathan Nelson (Illinois) – See all my reviews


This book is an excellent beginners guide for the inexperienced outdoorsman.

The book contains 10 well developed chapters that will get you well on your way to being able to “live off the land.” The topics covered in this book are as follows: tanning deer skins, making fire, cordage, making a bow and arrows, making traps, meat preservation, primitive cooking methods, field dressing and butchering a deer, container making (baskets and pottery), making tools, and making shelters.

Most of these topics are covered in amazing detail with plenty of photographs. The McPhersons do an excellent job of explaining the topics so that even people with no outdoor experience could perform the task almost immediately. The only exception I found was the chapter on making baskets. Even though I read the chapter several times, I do not feel I could not weave a basket (in all do fairness, it may be easier when I actually attempt the task).

I can not stress enough how easy this book makes a seemingly impossible task for people who lack the basic knowledge of wilderness survival skills. The McPhersons don’t just give you the instructions, they also explain the physics or logic behind what they are writing about. I recommend this book to anyone who needs/wants a firm foundation in basic survival skills.

Easily the best book on the subject,

Hands down this is the best survival book anywhere. The difference between this book and the majority of survival skills books is that most books will talk about why you should make a waterproof shelter and discuss the building of a waterproof shelter, but they won’t tell you EXACTLY HOW to build it. If you read this book, you will be able to tan buckskin, construct baskets, make primitive pots, make effective and simple bows, make cordage, construct semi-permanent shelters, flintknapp basic tools, start fires from natural materials and much more.

This book is not about “surviving,” rather it’s about “thriving” in a wilderness situation. The McPhersons have written the best and easiest to read book you can find anywhere.

We liked this book so much we made it the book of the month at RFS Online for August 1999.


We realize that some readers may seek to completely and totally get away from the rat race and leave it all behind while others are looking for Native Living moments to enjoy nature and the outdoor life. Whatever your want or need Native Living is always adjustable to fit your lifestyle.

There are those who get away with laptop for communication with the rest of the world and there are those who travel with a backpack of basic gear.

The current co opted NGO Green Movement would love to pigeon hole us into tags, categories and cloud our thinking to continue to comply, cower and conform to someone else’s idea of what it is to be green. That is why this blog uses a new term for a new lifestyle that can’t be classified and dominated because it is open to everyone’s ideas, innovations and contributions.

Now that’s Native Living !!!

~native sovereign john

\Native Living..\

my new blog native living seeks to support and promote self reliant sovereign independence along with mutually assured dignity through respect for all.

Learn the ways of nature and how to use her natural bounty of abundance.

Native Living (how to survive without the New World Order).


NoT associated with the any Green Movement NGO or with any UN Agenda 21.

Thanks for visiting. If you have native wisdom to share or thoughts on native living please leave a comment.

Sage advice herein and don’t forget to check with your local Native Plant Society to find a experienced edible wild plant forager to help you itemize your plants.

Everytime you or anyone is looking at a plant that might be edible, you need to “itemize” it, put it through four major steps (even the experienced should do it.) I use the word I.T.E.M. to remember what needs to be check out. It’s handy reference and is used in profiling most of the plants on this site.

So, let’s look at the word I.T.E.M.

First, it means (I)dentify the plant beyond doubt. Next, make sure it is growing or fruiting or otherwise available at the right (T)ime of year. Third is checking out the (E)nvironment. This involves two things. One is making sure it is growing in the right place. The other is making sure the plant is getting clean water and is not in polluted soil. And then, what is the proper (M)ethod of preparation. I’m sure you can do that. I.T.E.M. You can rearrange the letters to spell T.I.M.E. if you like as long as you always remember to apply the four steps.

from www.eattheweeds.com

Always consult an experienced wild edible plant forager before eating any wild plants. Don’t just rely on pictures and descriptions from books or blogs.

You can usually find an experienced wild edible plant forager by asking your local Native Plant Society on line or in the phone book. There are chapters in most major cities. You’ll find them throughout the United States and Canada. Plant people are always happy to share knowledge and its usually free.

This blog is your source for information and links. Here’s a link now:

wild edible plant salad

This basket holds just a few of the tasty edibles we found: wild asparagus, wild onions, balsamroot and lomatium.

NatureSkills.com‘s Wilderness Survival Skills Blog

The first few posts will be general information. This blog will get into the nitty gritty of foraging for the wild edible plants, identification, preparation, and uses. I want to give you time to allow your mindset to clear and also you really should contact your local Native Plant Society and find yourself a local experienced wild edible plant forager. This blog will be merely a companion guide and a resource for cloudy days while hopefully a motivator, an idea generator along with a great inspiration as well.

The wild life is a good life,

wild man sovereignjohn

How to Live Without the New World Order

We have been lead to believe that this is our culture and our society. It is not. This culture and this society is generated by a Hidden Hand Secret Society Organization of Hierarchy who control us in a matrix of embedded culture, embedded social norms, embedded political, embedded religious and embedded enforcement arms.

When one discovers Native Living one finds a native life filled with native rhythms, native child care, native health care, and native community. It is beyond fascism, communism, capitalism, consumerism, Theocracy, Democracy and Anarchy. It is the governing through the rotation of the majority of minorities. No lifetime politicians, police, clergy, engineers, scientist or any other discipline. There are wise elders available for consultation on a matter but no one is a specialist and all are apprentices.

Native Living is a recognition that there is no experts, only hoarders of knowing. A society of experts is a dying society.

Native Living requires everyone to participate in the daily and long term enforcement and decision making. Everyone must serve in a public interest capacity a one time or another. Each sovereign is not only a benefactor of society, each sovereign is a participant in society.

It is not a Democracy. Those who have no knowledge of a subject can not judge a course of action. Therefore a sovereign may well decide the best meal for the day while having absolutely no say because of no proven leadership ability to recommend a hunting strategy. Proven leadership receives leadership positions to lead individually or through committees and councils of leaders chosen from the general population for temporary duty of service. Always leaders are to educate, train and instruct so that they may be replaced in time of need or want.

Today we have an illusion of governing by, of and for wethepeople. Today a small self appointed ruthless inbred psychopathic parasitic tyranny of tyrants is allowed to control our lives, these traitors to individual sovereign rule have stolen control of the planet and today is the day their control over our lives ends. With truth on our side we shall overcome.

You do not need to live in this manner. We can live our own lives. Our great great grand parents lived their lives, were happy, raised their children and built communities of sovereigns long before the ruthless parasites of hierarchy appeared on the scene.

Our fellow sovereigns, the native Americans raised families, had communities, provided for the general welfare and had a participatory rotating native culture which generated a society of native art, native skills and native life. A native life of basic rhythmic function of harmony. Children were not abandoned by the community. Basic services needed by each member were never withheld. Sentient sovereign thought was adopted, promoted, tolerated and encouraged. An ipod wasn’t needed, rather, the tune of the planet filled the air. Silence was not an enemy to be defeated but an opportunity for self reflection and meditation.

Native Living is more than natural. Native living takes beyond the current co opted Green Movement. One must chuckle and at times weep to hear or read the slogan “Buy Green”. You can’t buy Green, you must live Green. You can’t donate to some organization and suddenly all our desecration of life will be cured. As with modern medicine attitude toward disease, you can’t cut it out or mask a crippled life. If you want a better world you wnon’t get it by making war, or making love. You must make a Native Life through native living.

This doesn’t mean you must give up your ipod or your automobile. It does mean you must be willing to demand your sovereignty and stop cowering. complying and conforming to the rule of others over you. Why are we allowing private groups to control the pubic airwaves we all own? Why are we allowing private groups to control our public economy we all own? Why are we allowing private groups to determine our pubic policy toward infrastructure, health care, retirement insurance, wages, finance and public utilities? Why?

Native living requires we take responsibility for all these things and control our own lives, pubic and private.

Native living will show you how to survive and even thrive the coming Global Fascist State should our fellow sovereigns continue to rely on psychopaths whose decisions are against the peoples own self interest. Currently the New World Order is right on schedule but this is because most people are not sure how to respond. The response will be in the posts on this blog.

First we must prepare ourselves for the coming jackboot of authoritarian control. We must first survive the onslaught that is upon us. Second we must then begin the process of turning the tide. We shall overcome. We have the most potent response that can not be denied. We have truth on our side.

Welcome to the community of native living sentient sentinels.


The tools for thrival begin here. The experienced techniques, advice, tools and learned sage wisdom now have a meeting place. This site with your help will pull together what is available to us on Internet with recommended sites, books, articles, CDs, DVD, audios and video of Native Living Wisdom on how to survive and thrive without the New World Order of Hidden Hand Hierarchy.

Join us if you desire a participatory pubic open source gift economy cultured community society.

If you are happy with a select few inbred ruthless psychopathic self centered assholes controlling you then this blog is not for you. For those seeking a better world of truth, sovereignty, dignity through mutually assured respect, this blog is our common ground.


All for Sovereignty

Sovereignty for All