Always consult an experienced wild edible plant forager before eating any wild plants. Don’t just rely on pictures and descriptions from books or blogs.

You can usually find an experienced wild edible plant forager by asking your local Native Plant Society on line or in the phone book. There are chapters in most major cities. You’ll find them throughout the United States and Canada. Plant people are always happy to share knowledge and its usually free.

This blog is your source for information and links. Here’s a link now:

wild edible plant salad

This basket holds just a few of the tasty edibles we found: wild asparagus, wild onions, balsamroot and lomatium.

–Filip‘s Wilderness Survival Skills Blog

The first few posts will be general information. This blog will get into the nitty gritty of foraging for the wild edible plants, identification, preparation, and uses. I want to give you time to allow your mindset to clear and also you really should contact your local Native Plant Society and find yourself a local experienced wild edible plant forager. This blog will be merely a companion guide and a resource for cloudy days while hopefully a motivator, an idea generator along with a great inspiration as well.

The wild life is a good life,

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