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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Beginners Guide to Wilderness Survival, December 20, 2000

This book is an excellent beginners guide for the inexperienced outdoorsman.

The book contains 10 well developed chapters that will get you well on your way to being able to “live off the land.” The topics covered in this book are as follows: tanning deer skins, making fire, cordage, making a bow and arrows, making traps, meat preservation, primitive cooking methods, field dressing and butchering a deer, container making (baskets and pottery), making tools, and making shelters.

Most of these topics are covered in amazing detail with plenty of photographs. The McPhersons do an excellent job of explaining the topics so that even people with no outdoor experience could perform the task almost immediately. The only exception I found was the chapter on making baskets. Even though I read the chapter several times, I do not feel I could not weave a basket (in all do fairness, it may be easier when I actually attempt the task).

I can not stress enough how easy this book makes a seemingly impossible task for people who lack the basic knowledge of wilderness survival skills. The McPhersons don’t just give you the instructions, they also explain the physics or logic behind what they are writing about. I recommend this book to anyone who needs/wants a firm foundation in basic survival skills.

Easily the best book on the subject,

Hands down this is the best survival book anywhere. The difference between this book and the majority of survival skills books is that most books will talk about why you should make a waterproof shelter and discuss the building of a waterproof shelter, but they won’t tell you EXACTLY HOW to build it. If you read this book, you will be able to tan buckskin, construct baskets, make primitive pots, make effective and simple bows, make cordage, construct semi-permanent shelters, flintknapp basic tools, start fires from natural materials and much more.

This book is not about “surviving,” rather it’s about “thriving” in a wilderness situation. The McPhersons have written the best and easiest to read book you can find anywhere.

We liked this book so much we made it the book of the month at RFS Online for August 1999.