Just a few weeks ago I had squirrel for dinner. Squirrels live free range in the wild. They are beautiful animals and they taste good too. They haven’t been processed, they haven’t been injected with growth hormones and anitbiotics and they haven’t been genetically engineered, nor are they over processed and crammed together in cages for their whole lives.

I also trap and eat wild rabbit. These animals in the wild are prey animals, that’s why they give birth to litters. They don’t live very long in the wild as many other animals prey on them and eat them.

Your great great great grandfather hunted these animals and more. Your great great great grandmother knew who to prepare them for healthy nutritious family meals. They were along with farm raised livestock and plant crops were the staple of the American meal.

Today we eat fake synthetic cardboard and call it foodstuffs. The fake food Corporations have chemicals that can make cardboard smell, taste, look, smell and have the texture of real food. All while denying you and your children need vital life giving health food, real food is health food. Today there are no real food. Just over processed foodstuffs with a the life drained out of it.

You can continue to slowly kill yourself and your children or you can learn to raise your own livestock and hunt, trap, skin, butcher and cook small game animals. It’ up to you. Poison or back to eating real food.

Real food is health food

Field Dressing and Butchering Rabbit…

Monte Burch

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