The United Nations, the G8, the CFR, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Club of Rome, NGO and their various think tanks etc came up with the back to nature, global warming hoax in the 1970s. I remember reading the Club of Rome papers on this issue back in the 1970s thinking that this hoax would never take hold. Lo and behold today every school child believes that human beings are killing planet earth. Our forefathers would be appauld at the notion that young children would have their guns and their hunting rights stolen from them by a United Nations agenda to disarm and depopulate planet earth with lies, psyops and more lies.

We can take advantage of place like

These organizations have gathered all the wild data and spun it for themselves however the data is still intact for any sentient sentinel to access. Join just don’t get fooled by the Green Agenda to disarm and depopulate planet earth. Get in, get the data and get out.

Most states have a organization called the Native Plant and Wildflower Society, here in my home state of Indiana its called, Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Societym,

Your state will have a native plant society as well. These organizations are based on United Nation charters and many are funded by the United Nations and therefore follow the guidelines and goals of the United Nations.. All local, state and Federal environmental regulations are brought about to comply with United Nation mandates.

The United Nations runs the world, the United Nations runs your local, state and Federal Government of any and all Nations on earth. The IMF, the WTO, the World Bank, the Bank of England, its branch the Federal Reserve Bank, think tanks and oh so much more.

These United Nation affiliate groups, societies, organizations, think tanks have collected all the vital data of humanity and seek to spin the data to serve their goal to disarm, depopulate and dominate the general population.

You may join up and gather the data to be used for sovereign individual self reliant, self governing, self independent native living which this blog is dedicated to support, promote and protect.

Each of us, adopting the sovereign life can not only survive but thrive, building a community of independent sovereigns ready willing and able to help each other retain their sovereignty.

There is no group to join, no organization, no army, just a conscious humane attitude of mutually assured respect through dignity. If you desire a return to ethical behavior, you meet the standard of membership in the movement of native living. We are a movement not a group or organization. We meet for mutual exchange of ideas but we have no central head nor do have a leader, each sovereign is responsible for the leadership of this movement. Six billion leaders of a movement ensures our mutual goals of respect and dignity will be achieved and any challenge we shall overcome.

welcome sovereign,