A cooperative (also co-operative or coöperative; often referred to as a co-op or coop) is defined by the International Co-operative Alliance’s Statement on the Co-operative Identity as an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise[1]. A cooperative may also be defined as a business owned and controlled equally by the people who use its services or who work at it. Cooperative enterprises are the focus of study in the field of cooperative economics. Cooperatives have a sponsored top-level internet domain .coop, which identifies legally registered or recognized co-operatives.


Greetings My Fellow Sovereigns,

I’m glad you are able to get online and enjoy Internet. This post will hopefully allow you to enjoy your life even more than ever before. We all buy things that we need and want even though our money seems to run out before the week. A great way to empower your money and allow you to enjoy life is to join with family, friends, neighbors and other sovereigns who share your interest is to form a cooperative.

A cooperative can save you money as you buy items in bulk, yep, need a new computer and decided on a model well maybe several co-op members need a computer too and have settled on the same brand as you have. You can ask the computer store or even when you buy online from the manufacturer about discounts for several of you making a purchase at the same time.

It doesn’t have to be the exact same model with the exact same features. You can get a bulk discount perhaps if the purchase is shipped to the same place or perhaps if you buy on the same day. It doesn’t hurt to ask. This applies to all kinds of products as well as co-ops that serve to bring together those who want to sell with those that want to buy.

If you are buying a new computer perhaps another member is looking for a cheap used upgrade computer or a second computer or their first computer but wants to save by getting a used computer.

There’s all kinds of co-ops and it can be a great way to save money, even perhaps make money by swapping, selling used, making an item to sell or some other ways of sharing the cost of living in our modern world.

If you co-op or have some kind of experience sharing items with others leave a comment and share your experience along with any wisdom you’ve gained living all or part of your life off the grid.

Yours in Sovereign Native Living



Co-ops and cooperation not Corporations !!!!!!