July 2008

I have noticed that plant seeds bought that are not heirloom or organic will not grow very well without constant applications of fertilizers. I noticed the plants from my non-heirloom or organic seeds weren’t growing very well yet around town other gardeners plants were three times as big as my own. I asked around and most of these gardeners have a automatic watering system which they add fertilizer and feed the plants.

This is a design of seeds and plants to ensure that when they begin to ration water and other gardening essentials your garden will suffer. Gardeners should begin as soon as possible to build upon natural moisture collection and water storage as well as using seeds that grow healthy plants without the need of constant attention.

Get your collection of reliable seeds started now as tomorrow it may all be gone. Even the Hidden Hand puppets like Bill Gates are storing seeds and spending billions to do so. Think he knows something you don’t. Now you do know. The agenda of rationing is upon us. Rising gas prices is just the first step toward global resources rationing of food, water, energy, shelter, health care and everything else.

Gasoline is headed to $12.00 – $13.00 a gallon.

The Future will be rationed,

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Lasagna Gardening


The basics of a nontraditional method of gardening that is not only organic, earth friendly, and incredibly easy, but will enable you to accomplish more, in less time, with less work…
by Patricia Lanza


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