August 2008

fresh grape juice and pulp to make grape jam

fresh grape juice and pulp to make grape jam

The recipes say you must keep pulp to make jam. So grape juice and jam coming right up. Grapes picked fresh this morning and Mary prepares the grape juice in the afternoon. Life can be good.


It is another extremely cool breeze on an August Day here in 47670. My wife and I have been out picking purple grapes early this morning while the breeze was oh so cool and the sun was rising. We stopped as the sun centered in the sky coming up on noon. It’s a little hotter now though the breeze sure is a cool welcome.

I picked a few late roses and placed them on the dinnering room table [Film at eleven :)].

Watered the garden which for me and many others hasn’t done so well this year. Many gardeners have in the last week tilled under most of their gardens. I cool weather crop so I’ll be trying to get more out of the garden with a few more attempts.

Here’s some photos of Southern Princeton Indiana Rural Life.

Click on the photos to go to photobucket and read the descriptions for the photos. Photobucket Rocks !!!

Wife and Mother Mary

Risened Grapes in pot for cooking

Grapes fresh pick this morning

Basil Drying in Hanging Bag

dinning room table roses

Mary preparing grapes for freezing and storage

Find out what that hanging bag is doing in the window and where did those beautiful roses come from. Click on the photos to read all about the photo description stored at photobucket !!!

I will not be using FLICKR anymore as the parent Corporation provided COMMUNIST China with data so they could find and arrest a Chinese dissident who is now in prison. We can not nor should we support and protect such behavior from our Corporations.

Photobucket is my new photo home.

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\WILD Blackberries\

A few minutes of picking and the harvest is plenty.

These wild blackberry brambles were growing on the property when we bought it.

Wild edible plants are adapted to the areas they grow in and don’t require the watering and fertilizers of hybrid commercial plants. All that we do is let them grow. 🙂

Depending on where you’re stranded in the world, locating water needs to be your No#1 priority. Without it, you can’t survive anymore than a few days or a week, especially in a hot desert or tropical climate.

Water Filter

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