I hear my friends, neighbors, relatives and workers complain about the high cost of food prices and gasoline prices. So I ask them, “How’s your garden doing?” They look at me as if I asked where they parked their flying car. “I don’t have a garden” they tell me like I’m a fool for asking.

“Then why are you complaining about the cost of food when you don’t take the time to grow some of your own” I inquire. They tell me how a garden harvest only last about a month then what are they to do. “Do you know your great grandmother and grandmother canned food that lasted all winter? They smoked ham to preserve enough to get through the winter. There’s drying foods, and you can place apples wrapped in paper in a root cellar for storage all winter long. You do have a root cellar don’t you? You do know how to can up massive jars of food don’t you? You do know how to make fruits, vegetables and meat last all winter don’t you?”

“I don’t have time” they tell me in no uncertain terms. There you go. They don’t have time to take back their lives. That’s why they send their chldren off to public school because they don’t have time for their own children yet they are gonna vote for some politician who is gonna help them take back their country. Take back our country? We don’t have time.

We’re too busy working at the factory or the office owned by the man who took the country from us. We’re too busy shopping at the stores own by the man who took our country from us. We have time to shop, wo’rk and buy from the man who is destroying our country but we sure don’t have time to take our children back or our country back. Hopefully Barack Obama or Sara Palin will give us our country back. Sure that’s it.

We have time to work at the maggy”s farm, at maggy’s factory, and go drive maggy’s car  to maggy’s gym to work out. We have time to watch maggy’s HDTV and maggy’s Desperate Housewives and listen to maggy’s music CDs and watch maggy’s movies but take back our lives by growing a tomato plant?!! We don’t have time!!!!!