Young deer in back yard eating the hanging crabapples.

Hey deer, my wife is gonna make crabapple jelly.. Go away.

My wife was looking out of the pantry window to the back yard and saw two deer yearling. I ran to get the digital camera and snapped some shots. Some didn’t turn out as well as this one and this one isn’t really good.

We are the last house on our block then the city line ends.

We have corn growing in the field directly next to our property to the north of us and the east of us with a small woods right beyond the corn field so the deer come onto our property quite often.

This spring, as every spring, after a rain I would see their hove prints in the mud in the garden. Since I am now home all the time I see the deer often. Especially with fruit trees and other plants growing that Deer love to eat.

Crabapple jelly and jam is oh so good. A relative brought us some she had home made and we loved it so I went out and bought a couple of crabapple trees. Hmmm good.

I’m gonna place some human hair around the property as I’ve heard the smell of humans will keep them away. I’d like that, at least time we get in the harvest of fruits. We have an apple tree too and Deer love apples too !!!! Grrrrr.

When I went outside to get them to move on they lingered. They run with such grace and you can tell they are powerful animals. So graceful, powerful and beautiful. And at this time of year they are also a pest ) !!!


Normally the deer eating our food wouldn’t be that bad a deal however with todays economic times having our own home made food is more than just a hobby. We can, smoke ham and other food preservation here on the homestead. We have farmers who we pay to raise cows, chickens and other small animals so that they are raised free range and without deadly chemicals etc.

I’m looking into raising rabbits myself as well as other small farm animals. It’s time to be self reliant and independent of this Global Dominionist Police State.



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