First step is to boil the apples to get apple juice which is then used to make apple jelly and/or apple jam.

I spent the good part of a day picking apples off the tree and there’s still bushels more to be picked. Course I had to rest a lot due to my heart condition. I picked about five full bushels of apples and the tree is still half loaded. I gave a few of the neighbors closest to us some of the apple harvest.

My wife is teaching me the skill of apple juice to jelly making as she is busy with Nursing School at the moment. So I hope it all turns out eatable. Next is to havest the rest of the apples and then the crabapples. The basement will be housing the fall harvest through the winter months. You can store apples if you wrap them up in newspaper while keeping them cool and dry. Not sure if we’ll jelly all or most.

Rising food prices makes this pass time into a vital part of everyday life. 😉