October 2008

Some cleaners are pretty gnarly with how they smell. And I’m sure they are doing a lot of damage to the body. Some of the best cleaners are easy to find and best of all they are inexpensive.
I found this site describing three popular natural cleaners:

    Lemon Juice
    Baking Soda

Vinegar is great for all kinds of general cleaning. Use it for cleaning my coffee pot as well as putting some in my dishwasher. Put a regular cup in and fill it a little with vinegar and as it goes through the cycle, the vinegar will slowly come out as the cup fills. Works great.

Lemon juice or any citrus fruit for that matter is also good for natural cleaning.
Baking soda is great for cleaning as well as deodorizing.

You can use Arm & Hammer or Borax is good as well. Mix it with a little water to become like a paste and it’s great for your bathroom and sinks.

Another tip, if you have any shoes that need a quick shine, bananas work great for that. Use the inside of the peel and rub it over the shoe, then wipe with a cloth.


Making a mixture with vinegar and lavender and/or patchouli oil is good for
adding to water to wash floors and shelves. Vinegar is great for cleaning
windows and mirrors. Bread soda for cleaning sinks, toilets, cups, cutlery,
fridges and even teeth

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