During the month of September what looked like yearlings were coming into our yard from the near woods to partake of our crabapple tree. They seemed to love it. We would watch them from our back window and I went outside and snapped this photo after they had moved further back on our property as I had distrupted their feeding.

The kept an eye on me and eventually left since I was taking photos and they got out of the mood apparently.

Our property is the last house on our street and the last house in the city limits. The land beside our property to the north is farmland and the land beside our house to the east is farmland then houses. So we are surrounded on two sides with farmland. We get a lot of animals in our yard of which these yearlings a part of our rural life native living.

Also in the photo is our daughter’s old swing set which I moved further back on the property and planted purple grapes to use as a trestle. Also you can see a fifty-five gallon drum in the photo too. I have several fifty-five gallon drums on the property to collect rainwater to use on the garden.

Take care, be well, and as natural native as you can 😉