More and more people are becoming aware of the important role vitamins and minerals have in the health of our lives. You certainly can buy pills and potions or you can grow your own.

A home garden supplies vitamins and minerals in their natural state. The health of our lives are dependent on the health of our soil. We can ensure a healthy life by improving the health of our soil. The food you eat can’t get vitamins and minerals from a soil that has no vitamins and minerals.

The good news is you can attract and grow for free microscopic soil microbes that break down the organic matter in the soil into nutrients of vitamins and minerals!!!

We can use nature’s own microbes to maintain our health!! The best way to feed healthy plants is to feed the soil to health. The soil maintains the health of plants and generates healthy life!!

Quick feed nutrients temporary feed plants. The food needs to be constantly and consistently be added. Which is good for the plant food Corporation. If you are a home gardener feeding the soil and building up the soil this will result in a renewing self maintaining self sufficient ecosystem.

Nature really does operate on its own when we allow the natural processes to continue to function.

Heirloom seeds from plants that are healthy, naturally disease resistant and can withstand varying weather conditions will reward you with nature’s natural abundance.

Since modern attention has been focused on the quick fix of instant plant food and hybrids along with Genetically Modified Organisms we have lost the fact that a natural nutrient rich soil is self renewing and abundant. Look at any natural field of wildflowers, edible plants and the animal wild life it supports. That wild rabbit never eats at the grocery store or from a feed bag if let alone. The earth supplies rabbits, goats, deer, bisan, foxes, berries, hawks, song birds, whales, seals, sharks and the mountain lion. All these lifeforms lving healthy and independent outside of the grip of the likes of Monsanto or ADM.

Maybe this is why we have been herded into cities and away from the source of all natuaral nutritional food supplies. We are made to rely on the Corporate supermarket and their Corporate Agribusiness of drugged up animals who live their dismal lives in cages and fences.

The wild animals roams free eating free natural ingredients from the natural earth supply of nature.

We can spend more and more on our health care system or we can buy $3.00 seeds that grow a $1,000 worth of natural organic food full of vitamins and minerals from the healthy soil we’ve build up so it could continue to function on its own. The choice is yours.

What have you chosen?



We can have a healthy life with technology and nature. Let’s get it right the first time.