we don’t grow our own food, build our own cars,clothes,homes,we don’t educate our own children…take back our nation? take back our lives !

We must build our own jobs. We must own the means of production. Eliminate the useless Capitalist middle men who take the cream off the top of the milk and honey of our labor. We must own our work, manage our work, share equally in the net profits. We can rotate responsibility, this year a hand on the shop floor, next year a manager or CEO.

When the Capitalist stole the control over the Industrial Revolution they worked us long hours at the lowest wage. We invented the machinery, we are the Doctors, we are Lawyers, we are the police, we are the engineers and we are the managers.

We can rotate responsibility and share in the abundance of our labor. When you are capable of being a foreman that position is open to you to perhaps be elected  It’s easy and simple. We have agreed to let bullies overpower us. We can agreed to take back the power over our lives.

There is no need for middle men. We decide every day to show up for work. We decide if we go to the store. We decide to get married, divorced, go to the Doctor. We decide if our child can go to a sleep over. We run our lives very well thank you very much. It’s the parasitic middle men who hoard the abundance of our labor and suck the blood, energy and vitality from our lives who have sickened the world.

We must take back our lives. We have always done better sharing and caring for each other. There is no reason to continue to listen to bad advice from middle men who seek to keep us dependent on their insanity. They are like drug dealers who have us believing we need them. Once we get off their drugs, we’ll not only be fine, we will thrive for the better !!!!

Let’s finish 1776 and get rid of the greedy unnecessary middle men of Capitalism, Socialism and Communism.


Bill Gates have never owned us. He never invented the computer, he never wrote Windows operating system nor wrote DOS. We did.  He just took the lion’s share of the profits !!! Meanwhile we’re losing our jobs, our homes, and our pensions??

Wake up, Wise Up, Word up,