The factory I worked at for thirty years closed down. I was 52 years old and unemployed for the first time in my life. We live debt free, so our bills were paid. We owned our house and cars, and we had savings in the bank. Two years later my wife lost her foreman’s job at the factory where she worked when it too closed down. Now we were both unemployed and 54 years old.

So it seemed the new economic system was trying to tell us something. “Finally.” I said to my wife, “The economic system and I agree. It doesn’t want me to work and I don’t want to work either.” So we agreed to Downshift all the way, as we were pushed into it anyway. The system had taken our jobs, our pensions, our health care, our dream of a well funded retirement. It was all gone. It’s the best thing that has happened to us.

My wife went back to school and just graduated nursing at Ivy Tech. She now has a job working twelve hours a day for three days a week. She could work more, but we’ve decided to enjoy the life we have now.

Downshifting means doing more with less. Downshifting is the best lifestyle. We didn’t realize that we were already partly living the Downshifting lifestyle and when the current economic system took our jobs we just decided to go 100% Downshifting. Get more out of life with less. Enjoy life more with less !!

As you can see with my wordpress blog Native Living we have always lived closed to nature. So now we offer natural products from Native Remedies. It’s a great company with great natural products. The opportunity fits the Downshifting lifestyle as well !!

It’s a great idea who’s time has come…

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Downshifting is a social behavior or trend in which individuals live simpler lives to escape from the rat race of obsessive materialism and to reduce the “stress, overtime, and psychological expense that may accompany it.”[1] It emphasizes finding an improved balance between leisure and work[2] and focusing life goals on personal fulfillment and relationship building instead of the all-consuming pursuit of economic success.

Downshifting, as a concept, shares many characteristics with voluntary simplicity, but is distinguished, as an alternative form, by its focus on moderate change and concentration on an individual comfort level, a “dip your toes in gently ”[3] approach. In the 1990s this new form of voluntary simplicity began appearing in the mainstream media and has continually grown in popularity among populations living in industrial societies especially the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.[4]

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