The ideal native living in of course to hunt and trap wild game year round. No farm, just daily living. This is hard to do when city dwellers invent politics to impose their will on others. Cattle, that is cows, are herd animals. Herd animals roam and migrate so that their shit has time to decompose and become harmless in the food supply. But farmers and ranchers fence in areas and claim they own the land as if anyone can own the planet earth.

Fences, permanent housing, and villages emerged. I myself grew up in this sick society and was never told how unnatural town city life was.  The earth should be free range, not a section of it, not a special path but the whole of the earth.

You think politicians, Corporate CEOs, Doctors, Lawyers and Preachers are sick, they are symptoms of a sick ill society that we have built. The extremely wealthy of course own thousands of acres to live on. They come into the city and mine you, farm raise you, then return to their ranch of thousands of acres of natural living without their organic gardens, fresh air, herbal remedies and free range animals of wholesome value.

While some may live in the city, rest assured they have access to plenty of get away time to such havens of nature. One of the great privileges of the good life is a mountain retreat high above the pollution and the electromagnetic frequencies imposed on modern day life.

I know plenty of well off families who get away to a Canadian retreat of a cabin in the forest on a lake. A place so remote a plane or helicopter takes you in and leaves you for a week or two. The cabin has been stocked for you as well as plenty of hunting and fishing with fresh water and fresh air.

What used to be regular life is now a luxury get away package.

So small game animals, a garden and a small downshifting homestead is as close as one will get to the rural life of native living. Small local farms are the best we can hope for as society matures and grows to realize that our current path is fatal.

My wife and I have bought some acreage in a place far away from civilization. It took a portion of our savings but we’re beginning to realize that society is too far along the path of technological destruction. We’ll continue to spread the native living news while maintaining our ‘head for the hills option’ to be used when the signs are perfectly clear time has run out. Definitely 2062 (plus or minus four years) is the dead line.

One day our neighbors will awake to find we have left for safer greener pastures.

Those who think they can buy guns to arm themselves against an organized group equipped with nuclear and scalar weapons are delusional. They know your location and can follow your every move and can immobilize you at any time. When you try to run in your vehicle its ignition system will deactivate. When you try to call your loved ones the cell towers will be off line. When you try to see the TV news the electricity will be turned off.

We have a date for leaving. Rest assured its long before most people realize their goose is cooked. We’ve studied with the best to recognize the signs, the systems and the learned the codes of the Construct.

Rest assured once everyone realizes they’re doomed it will be too late. You can’t wait for your family member or your friend or your neighbor to see the light, if you do, like the Jews in Natsi Germany you will wait too long.

We’ve been learning the skills needed for the survival mode. When it all comes down there won’t be any grocery stores or tv sports. Just friends, loved ones and neighbors who have been chipped dropping dead as the kill switch is pulled one section of the planet at a time. A slow process so not to scare even the dumbest of dumb and dumber.

Learning thriving survival today for a better tomorrow,

natural born sovereign individual


The ideal native living is the NO mad life. Become a nomad…


You won’t have to live like this. You can hang around for the Final Solution. Your choice.