Actually smoking natural tobacco isn’t harmful but of course we don’t get natural tobacco in smokes anymore. Cigarettes are laden with chemicals and additives that do us harm. Smoking natural tobacco protects the body from harmful electromagnetic frequencies radiated upon us from cell towers and the like. We are constantly bathed in this filth and are walking around in a sea of invisible electromagnetic shit. Safe frequencies aren’t popular with the Hidden Hand šŸ™‚

Just as they got rid of lead paint as the see through wall satellite camera frequencies can’t penetrate lead. How could they see you in your house if the walls were covered with lead. So they let the paint in poor housing peel off so that some children would die to have the excuse to ban lead paint when it wasn’t the lead paint, it was the lack of proper maintenance.

The tale of superman gives the clue that x-ray vision can not penetrate lead. šŸ˜‰

So there it is. Natural Tobacco protects against harmful cancer causing electromagnetic frequencies which the Hidden Hand purposely uses to give us cancer and banning lead paint which protects our privacy from spy satellites.

We can ignore this or we can rise and shine to overcum through overstanding on day to verstand.

take care