The homestead canning has begun. Pictures forthcoming soon. Busy actually doing the canning at present. They be enough Zucchini relish to share with some friends and family plus enough to get through the winter. There’s nothing better than a hot dog covered in Zucchini relish. MMMMmmmm.

My wife is making bread and butter pickles which are my favorite. Fortunately it has gotten extremely cool here in southern Indiana. Seventy during the day and fifies during the night. We have all our sliding screened windows open and its actually kinda cold in the house. Especially feels cold after days in the high ninety degrees.

The ceiling fans and osculating fans are going at lower spends. We’ve been covering up warm and cozy at night. Love cool weather.

It’s lately July and there’s still August. The grapes are coming along and there will be plenty of jam making along with canning apples. Ah native living.

How’s your garden growing?

take care, be well,