Locally Grown Produce

Skeptoid #162, Jul 14 2009
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Brian Dunning offers a skeptical look at locally grown produce with some valid points about the green agenda.

For me native living is a political statement. Independence, sovereign individual, knowing what goes into growing my food such as pesticides, herbicides and yes Agribusiness raised animals to my way of thinking are mistreated, tortured and needlessly brutalized.

A grass feed animal may cost more to raise just as an animals who does not get antibiotic injections may not artificially put on weight. It’s is very political for me. The Green Movement is utter horse shit. It’s like buying a Prius to look environmental and green for a better public image.

Those of us who grow our own food because you can’t live a sovereign life when the basics of life are provided to you by the Fascist Police State.

Again, I’ve posted this before, I’m not Amish. I use a computer and my wife has a cell phone. These are items we need to use International Production to accomplish. Even there though, we need to be in control. It’s the Global Fascist Police State that we’re objecting to, not just the means of production.