August 2009

Video on Demand

Here at the Hoosier Homestead we have tired of running to the video store to return rented DVDs. So we hook up our Macbook to the TV and stream movies we’ve bought or rented. Simple.

There’s plenty of place online such as Hulu that offer free movies and TV shows but when we want to watch the very latest in entertainment we us Video on Demand.

The time it saves running back and forth to the video store means more time for the garden and visiting with family, friends and neighbors.

yours in downshifing,



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Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats (Paperback)

Review of Book

5.0 out of 5 stars Nourishing Traditions is a monument., March 26, 1998
By A Customer

Sally Fallon’s book is large in size and in its implications, valiantly sweeping away all the fog and ignorance that is endemic in the field of nutrition today. The book, focussing as it does on traditional (pre-modern) food selection and preparation, is revolutionary in all its common sense, prompting the reader to nod and say, “Yes, that’s really true.” It seems increasingly baffling to me that, amidst the daily deluge of ideas criss-crossing the landscape of the nutrition frontier, very few people acknowledge the contribution of 50,000 years of human history in the creation and maintenance of health. Well, Sally Fallon does. This book takes the reader to the highest ground yet. I particularly appreciated the excerpts from other books and journals, which are included liberally in sidebars throughout the book. It is a lot like reading several books in one, such is the cumulative scope of Nourishing Traditions. Of course, the recipes, all 700 of them, are fabulous. The book also has an excellent resource section to aid the reader in applying the principles laid out in the text. Finally, one comment on the book’s subtitle, “The Cookbook That Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats”: This book does not tip-toe around the issues. The introduction, besides revealing many frightening (and rarely realized) facts about the state of current nutrition, also issues a call to action for people to release themselves from the collective trance perpetuated through advertising, through the common rationale that “we eat pretty well already,” and even through many of the currently popular trends today, including veganism. Prepare to be educated. Prepare to do some weeding. This is a big, bright, shout-from-the-rooftops cookbook that should be required reading for anyone who has the slightest doubt about what they eat. And for those, more likely, who have no doubts.

Nourishing Traditions

Sally Fallon

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You know when the United States engages in a WAR suddenly everyone should be Patriotic and Unite together. Yet here is a billboard sign outside a town during the Depression that states homeless men should keep on moving as the town can’t take care of its own. I thought we were all Americans? We sure are when they need people to die for this country. Yet when your starving or without health care, why then, you’re on your own.

jobless men

When your hungry and homeless fend for yourself but when there’s a need for soldiers to fight and die why your suppose to be patriotic and join up, for your country. WoW. How much of a fool do they take us for?