September 2009

Kunstfest – Traditional German Festival honoring the founding fathers of New Harmony with music, food, arts & crafts and family fun. Come enjoy New Harmony’s annual celebration of German Heritage with hand made arts & crafts, live musi…c and food. Located throughout the town of New Harmony, ride a horse drawn wagon through New Harmony’s historic streets. Enjoy live music and you enjoy traditional German food and desserts. If you have never experienced Kunstfest, you will want to make sure this year you do.

Photos of Kunstfest in New Harmony Indiana. I’m also going back to take more photos and perhaps video of the events.


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John Pilger – Obama and Empire

Author, journalist, film maker John Pilger speaks at Socialism 2009; Filmed by Paul Hubbard at the Womens Building in San Francisco 7-4-09.


This is one of the reasons Farm Aid puts on a concert every year to help small farmers stay in business and be able to compete with the Factory farms by offering cleaner, healthier food. Factory farms are why we have so much salmonella — at one time you could actually use raw eggs in making Caesar salad and not worry about disease. Those were the days before chickens were crowded into buildings by the thousands with no sunlight and no room to even move causing stress and illness. All this illness is why factory farmed animals are fed antibiotics and probably why so many antibiotics no longer work on humans. So even if you don’t care about animal cruelty you should understand that factory farms are not the healthiest way to get your food. They are in business for investors and profit is all it is about. Every new factory farm puts a score of family farms out of business, and whereas factory farms generate money for investors that probably don’t even live in the same state, family farms generate money for the local economy. They spend money in their neighbors’ stores and communities.

Plus Farm Aid puts on a really good concert, this year it is on October 4 in St. Louis — you can listen to it online if you can’t get there.

The 2009 Lineup:
Willie Nelson
Neil Young
John Mellencamp
Dave Matthews
Jason Mraz
Jamey Johnson

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Lots of critics, like David Brooks, reflexively attribute Obama’s rapid slide to a push for more government.  Not even close.  In fact, that’s lazy thinking.

The rapidity of the slide is due to the Wall Street bailout.  Instead of punishment of the perps, we are getting bonuses.  Instead of reform to prevent gambling, we get more of the same (even worse, it is being done with an explicit government backstop).  Instead of relief for the middle class we get profiteering as the financial industry extracts everything they can from a tapped populace.

Nothing could have eroded trust faster than this.  All agenda items after this fiasco are/were forfeit.

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