Fruit smoothies can actually be used as a meal replacement if you pack them with enough ingredients.

Depending upon what you put in them, they can contain anywhere between 400 and 600 calories which will keep you full for hours.

The benefit to this kind of snack is you can get fruit, protein, fiber and dairy all in one delicious serving. The choice is up to you.

Lisa’s Tip: If you live near a Smoothie King this is the best place to go! Not only do they have tons of flavors, but you can even ask for extra protein/whey powder (great for toning your stomach) and many other healthy ingredients that will give your drink a healthy boost.

Another Note: If you’re watching your sugar intake, please understand that smoothies are very high in sugar – even though most of it is natural.

Sugar turns into fat when it’s not burned off so I wouldn’t eat a smoothie everyday. If you really find yourself enjoying them, see if you can order a “light” or “low sugar” smoothie. Many places offer that option.